Posted by: vernacularsnoop | August 19, 2008

Healthcare, the drinking age and Azerbaijan

US Conference of Mayors backs single-payer national health insurance

…by a unanimous vote, along with substantial majorities of Americans and American doctors.

College presidents want drinking age lowered to 18

…in recognition of the basic fact that prohibition doesn’t reduce drug use. Prohibition causes people to use harder drugs more recklessly. That’s why American colleges have kids drinking liquor behind closed doors while students in countries with lower drinking ages are drinking responsibly. To paraphrase Will Durst, “banning alcohol on campus sends a clear message to students: if you want to drink, get a car.”

Finally, this article made me smile: the leader of the Azerbaijani Greens, Mais Gulaliyev, explaining his modest goals for the upcoming election. The English is a bit shaky, but the message is sincere.

“Most speak of victory, implying that the party representative will be elected a president. Yet, we consider that victory is that the party will strive for powers step by step by passing all exams on the way. Our purpose is to consolidate the party’s positions in the society.

If we manage to familiarize at least a portion of the population with our platform during these presidential elections, the party will win. In the future, we believe that the ideology of greens will be leading in the whole world.”

Mais Gulaliyev: “We are not a party which fights for power in these presidential elections”


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