Posted by: vernacularsnoop | August 26, 2008

NZ Green Party pushes for open WiFi and no software patents

One of the political parties of New Zealand, namely the Green Party, is pushing for bold plans for New Zealand’s technological future. The policy would exclude software from the patent process and investigate the possibility of a free municipally owned wireless network. Can you digg it?
With the corporate media refusing to give Greens more than token amounts of airtime, the Green Party needs to take advantage of alternative ways to spread its message, especially the internet. By submitting stories to Digg about Green stances on technology and civil liberties, Greens can gain the support of the freedom-loving web users who helped light a fire under Howard Dean and Ron Paul’s campaigns.
Now that Barack Obama’s running mate is Joe Biden, who is notorious on the web for his efforts to crack down on internet freedom, Greens could make real headway by publicizing McKinney/Clemente’s platform on technology and civil liberties issues. Perhaps one of the writers at Green Party Watch could prepare a statement for the McKinney campaign…

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More information on Joe Biden’s record on internet freedom from Times of the Internet:

Joe Biden no friend of the Netizen



  1. I saw and wanted to mention a useful site:

    It provides free patent searching, free PDF downloading, allows annoting documents and sharing them, and free alerts for new documents.

    If you have a spot, a link to let your users know abou the site would be great.

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