Posted by: vernacularsnoop | August 26, 2008

SC Democrats fight to remove Green candidate from ballot

The South Carolina (un)Democratic party is fighting to remove Eugene Platt, Green party candidate for SC State House, from the ballot. After securing the Green nomination, Platt ran in the Democratic primary to add another ballot line to his name (which is allowed by SC law). Platt lost the Democratic primary, and the Democrats promptly went to work trying to remove his name from the ballot under SC’s “sore loser law”. Thing is, that law is meant to prevent someone from defecting to another party *after* losing a primary; whereas Platt had already won the Green line when he tried for the Democratic nomination. More details at Ballot Access News:

South Carolina Democrats intervene in court to keep Green Party candidate off ballot

As one poster pointed out, by the SC Democrats’ logic Hillary Clinton would have been kept off the ballot for her senate reelection bid in New York if the Working Families party had declined to nominate her. The idea that any party should be allowed to block another party’s candidate from the ballot is simply undemocratic. Let’s hope that the Carolina Greens and the ACLU can successfully challenge this cynical attempt to restrict voter choice.


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