Posted by: vernacularsnoop | September 2, 2008

Member of Canadian parliament joins Green Party

West Vancouver Member of Parliament (MP) Blair Wilson has decided to join the Green Party of Canada after meeting with party leader Elizabeth May, giving the Canadian Greens their first MP and a chance to be included in an upcoming debate of national party leaders. Despite impressive recent growth and poll numbers that often surpass Canada’s third major party, the New Democratic Party (NDP), Canadian Greens were in danger of being excluded from the debate since the young party had not elected anyone to parliament.

Blair Wilson

Blair Wilson

“I am extremely happy and proud to be able to join Elizabeth and the Green party and do something so positive for two core values that my family and I deeply believe in,” said Wilson. “One of those obviously is protecting the environment and the other one is advancing the cause of democracy.”

West Vancouver MP joins Green Party

Altho a recent poll showed that 77.2% of Canadians wanted Green leader Elizabeth May in the upcoming debates, leaders of other parties had insisted that only parties with representation in parliament should be allowed to debate. Now that the Canadian Greens have met that condition, it remains to be seen whether the other parties will keep to their word.

Elizabeth May, leader of Canada's Green Party

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