Posted by: vernacularsnoop | September 11, 2008

Public outcry convinces Canadian networks to include Green leader in debates

Recently I reported that an independent member of Canada’s parliament had joined the Green Party, overcoming what many saw as the final obstacle to inclusion of Green leader Elizabeth May in the televised debates for Canada’s party leaders. Shortly afterwards, however, the opposition of the Conservative and New Democratic parties to May’s participation spurred Canadian networks to announce that the Green leader would not be allowed to debate. Now, in the face of public outrage at this undemocratic collusion of party bosses to restrict the debate, the networks have decided that May will be included after all. The full story from can be read here:

May says democracy wins as Green leader wins debate slot

The fact that there is public debate about the debates is a sign of a healthy democracy. Those of us in the US who are working for open and democratic debates should take inspiration from this story.


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