Posted by: vernacularsnoop | November 12, 2008

Good news for Greens: Malik Rahim running for Congress

malik-rahimMalik Rahim is running for Congress in Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District against Rep. William Jefferson in an election that has been delayed until December 6th due to Hurricane Gustav. Malik Rahim is known around New Orleans as the founder of Common Ground, the volunteer organization that provided free basic services to thousands of victims of Hurricane Katrina. William Jefferson is known around the country as the congressman who had $90,000 cash in his freezer when the FBI paid a visit to his office one day. He is currently facing trial on 16 counts of corruption.

Louisiana’s 2nd district gave less than 20% to the Republicans in 2006, so in an even worse year for the GOP, there’s no reason to expect that the little-known Republican challenger will make a dent. Malik Rahim, on the other hand, is a hero to many in New Orleans. Once people find out that he’s running, momentum will build and allow him to make a serious run at this seat. Furthermore, the delayed election means that progressives around the country can unite behind this community organizer with a message of hope to help him defeat the uber-corrupt incumbent.

I am telling everyone I know about Malik and recommending that they visit his (very well-designed!) website, Donate, subscribe for email updates, and pass it on.

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Green Ferret has slowed down recently because the author has been working on Green Change and the Green Change Network. Give these sites a look if you dig this blog.


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