About Green Ferret

My name is Dave, I was born in 1985, and I’m from upstate New York. I have a lot of interests – music, film, the outdoors, reading, and ping-pong to name a few – but I write mainly about politics because that’s what lights a fire in my belly. I am an activist for the Green party and so I write about local, national and international politics with a focus on grassroots democracy, peace, social justice and environmental sustainability. I do it because I hope reason, love and truth will win out.



  1. Are you a Blogger??? The Green Party Wants You!

    Attention bloggers! Do you blog on behalf of your state or local Green Party or Green candidate? Do you write about the Green Party in your personal blog? Do you read and comment on Democratic blogs, progressive blogs, or even conservative blogs? Join our Blogging Team! We want to get stories about the Green Party on your blog and in the comments of all political blogs. E-mail brian@gp.org to join the GPUS blogging effort.

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